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Early Registration Continues

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Why Should I Choose EMU?

21 May 2022 - 08:29
Why Should I Choose EMU?

In this article, we will clearly state why students preparing for university, students who want to change universities, students who want to do a master's degree and students who want to become a doctor should choose Eastern Mediterranean University.

Before asking why Eastern Mediterranean University, let's talk about the most important details for students in the university education process;

  • First of all, a student's sine qua non is a comfortable reading environment. Since its establishment, Eastern Mediterranean University has provided an environment for its students not to be disturbed at the university and to continue their education happily. In terms of comfort, it continues its studies so that students do not experience any problems both socially and academically with its classes and campus life.
  • Speaking of comfort, one of the details that students want most is comfortable social environments. The reason for this is that it is very important for university students to develop and advance themselves socially. Eastern Mediterranean University social activities, festivals, sports competitions, etc. offers many activities to students and helps students with all its possibilities to realize these activities.
  • It is very important for the students to be in a safe area in their education life, for the student to adapt both academically and socially. For this reason, Eastern Mediterranean University takes security measures in its campuses and classrooms in a way that does not disturb the students and implements all the procedures in the security legislation by considering the satisfaction level of the students.

What are the Opportunities Offered at Eastern Mediterranean University?

What are the Opportunities Offered at Eastern Mediterranean University

  • One of the most important details that university students and students preparing for university wonder before choosing a university is the academic departments of universities and the education they provide in these departments. Eastern Mediterranean University, with its qualified academic staff, aims to ensure that its students are successful in their academic fields and not have difficulties in their future business areas.
  • Eastern Mediterranean University is also the most preferred university in Cyprus, with its academic education, knowledgeable and experienced academic staff, training classes, special classes for branches and special applications for branches. Eastern Mediterranean University provides unlimited support to its students in order to carry out all these applications and encourage students, and use the results of the applications to improve their students' careers in the future.
  • For students who want to go abroad or who want to receive academic education from abroad schools affiliated with Eastern Mediterranean University, EMU implements certain exam programs, and after these exams are evaluated, it sends its students to various abroad education. In addition, EMU is a very active university compared to other universities in terms of connections with abroad.
  • Internship opportunities are very important for the education received at the university and for the career goals to be taken after the university. Although it is up to the students to create internship opportunities, Eastern Mediterranean University is a reference for its students to do internships in good companies, and they offer internship opportunities to their students in various fields within the scope of various applications. At the same time, these internship opportunities can be of foreign origin.
  • University students living outside of Cyprus and wishing to choose the Eastern Mediterranean University usually have a big place in their minds. Eastern Mediterranean University provides dormitory and accommodation opportunities for students who prefer the university, both on and off campus.
  • After talking about accommodation, which is a basic need, it is of course impossible not to mention the basic need for nutrition. Eastern Mediterranean University provides service with its extremely clean and high quality dining hall in order to meet the needs of students in a quality and safe way at cheap prices. In addition, the campus and classrooms are disinfected daily and are highly protected in terms of cleaning.
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