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Early Registration Continues

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Gazimağusa (Famagusta) is the second largest city in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). It is a town rich in history and culture and bears the marks of civilizations such as the Assyrians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Lusignans, Venetians, and Ottomans. Those interested in history will enjoy visiting the walled town of Famagusta and hearing about the Ottoman siege of the then Venetian city. The town offers a wide selection of shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes visited by a large student population; The EMU campus is only 3 km. from the town center, and this means the university is within walking distance of the town.

Kyrenia Harbour

Cinema: Cinemas are the most frequented places by students. They show recently released films mainly from the West. Films are usually changed every week and are shown using their original soundtracks with Turkish subtitles. In addition, there are film clubs on campus that screen recent releases for students and are free of charge.

Theater: Throughout the year, theatrical performances are held at the EMU Cultural Center and the Municipality Theater. Some recent performances include the International Gazimağusa Theater Festival held at Salamis Antique Theater and Othello Tower.

Festivals: Every year Gazimağusa boasts of hosting the International Culture and Art Festival organized jointly by the Gazimağusa Municipality, EMU and the private sector. Artists like Goran Bregovich, Monica Molina and Nilüfer added color with their lively performances to the last festival and the town.

Dance: Throughout the year, dance courses include folk dancing, modern dancing, Tango, Latin dances like Salsa, Cha-Cha, and Rumba. The “Dance of Cyprus” performance by Çağdaş Halk Danslari Derneği impressed everyone tremendously.

Concerts: Gazimağusa hosts many world famous artists' performances particularly on special occasions. If you need to access further information about the ongoing activities, please pay a visit to http://www.magusa.org

Sea Turtle Watching: There are a number of beaches along the northern coast where Loggerhead and Green turtles lay their eggs in the sand between June and October. If you wish to join a group to watch them, or to actively help in the task of protecting them, please contact the Turtle Protection Society at 815 2496 or 815 51 35.

Banking Hours for the Public: Commercial banks in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are of two kinds. There are banks which are branches of large organizations based in Turkey, and those which have branches only in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Transactions can be carried out in all leading currencies. The Central Bank of Northern Cyprus is responsible for the monetary, credit, and exchange policy, and acts as bankers to the government. Transaction hours are between 08:30am.-2pm. during summer. Also open from 3pm.-6pm. on Mondays and 08:30am.-5pm. during winter.

Climate, Weather, Temperatures and Clothing: Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with mild winters from December to February, and a short autumn and spring. Winters generally have six hours of bright sunshine. From May to mid-October very light clothing is all that you need.

Cost of Living: Compared with most countries in Western Europe, the cost of living in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is low. Locally produced products or those produced in Turkey are generally cheaper than those grown or produced in Europe.

Security: Gazimağusa Police Headquarters is at the service of the community 24 hours a day.

Health Services: Gazimağusa State Hospital and Private Hospitals are open with their Emergency Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transportation Airlines: There are two airlines which şy to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. These airlines provide regular daily sights, via Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Antalya Airports in Turkey to Ercan Airport. The right lasts 70-75 min. from Istanbul or Izmir, 50 min. from Ankara, and 30 min. from Adana or Antalya. For information about timetables, prices and reservations, please contact the numbers below:

Airport: The only international airport, Ercan State Airport, is near Lefkoşa, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is only a 40 min. drive to Gazimağusa.

Boats (Ferries): There are regular ferry services from Girne and Gazimağusa to towns on the southern coast of Turkey, namely Mersin, Antalya and via Mersin to Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

Driving: Driving in North Cyprus is the most advisable form of transport as there are infrequent bus services to many of the more remote areas of the country, and bus services cease to operate after 5pm. The two-lane road connecting Gazimağusa to Lefkoşa and then to Girne gives drivers ease in driving, and the roads between major towns and villages are reasonably good; however, care should be taken especially in wet weather.

Car Rental: This service is available in all major towns and some hotels. A British or international driver’s license is required. Rental cars have red number plates.


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