Early Registration Continues

Early Registration Continues

Second semester registration has begun, with a few rooms left. Secure your spot today!

Alfam Student Dormitories

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Located within the EMU Campus, Alfam Dormitories is the nearest dormitory to the Departments. Spread over 35 acres of land Alfam provides a service based on the needs of the Students. Our Dormitory is protected by CCTV in all its buildings and corridors as well as 24 hour attendance of Secuirty members. All our rooms are cleaned by our cleaning staff twice a week, the common areas daily and the bed linen changed every week.

With its 12 different types of rooms, Alfam Dormitories offers a choice for all types of budgets and needs. All our students enjoy the benefit of 10 MB unlimited and free internet and no deposit. Alfam Dormitories also includes Fitness Center, Cafe, Restaurant, Stationerer in its capacity. Alfam Dormitories with its friendly personel has been providing a service for students with 20 years experience always continuing to strive for the best.

Alfam Vista: All the rooms of Alfam Vista which will open in September will include a balcony, cooker, aspirator, kettle, microwave oven and 32” Full HD TV. Alfam Vista is coming forth with its unique and stylish design, location, social facilities and room specifications.

Alfam Student Dormitories


A student complex designed with modern lines and state-of-the-art infrastructure

All our rooms have kitchen, wc-bathroom, refrigerator, led tv, satellite system, air conditioning, all furniture and furnishings including the building are new.

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