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Early Registration Period Begins!

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How Should You Choose Your Dormitory?

26 December 2022 - 11:39
How Should You Choose Your Dormitory?

Staying in a dormitory can be the first distance between you and your family since childhood. You may have stayed in a dormitory for a while, but you will be leaving the city where you have lived for so long for the first time. Regardless, there are some points to consider when choosing a student dormitory. Before moving on to these, if we present some golden suggestions about how the dormitory life should be, it will be very useful for you to easily overcome the difficulties experienced in the first days. First of all, the dormitory environment is better than going out because it provides a quiet and comfortable working environment. But instead of living here alone or with one or two roommates of your choosing, you live with many people with very different characteristics.

What Should You Know Before Staying in Dormitory?

We've compiled a list of things to keep in mind while staying at the dorm. First and foremost, the best part is: You will have many friends studying in different departments in the dormitory and you will learn a lot of different information. You won't have family, but you will have many friends.

Another important point in the dormitories is not to break the dormitory rules. Each dormitory has its own rules and if you do not follow these rules, you may face heavy administrative penalties. Before settling in the dormitories, read the dormitory rules carefully and if there is something that doesn't suit you, look for another dormitory. Other than that, remember that you need to bring enough towels, toilet paper and other personal belongings. If your friends forget to bring these supplies and ask, you will not be welcome unless you deliver them.

If you have decided not to go home and go to the dormitory, you should be very careful when choosing a university dormitory. As mentioned above, each country has its own conditions. Especially the entry and exit times of the dormitory, etc. If you have a job or other situation, please consider this when choosing a residence. There were many things that should have happened before in the dormitory. But the coronavirus pandemic has made the list of must-haves in a college dorm even longer. Therefore, there are legal rules for moving to a student dormitory. If you notice that the dormitory management does not follow these rules, you must notify the relevant department.

You can choose between government-selected dormitories or private dormitories. Private dormitories follow the rules above, but each dorm can have its own rules. But since they are private property, you can reach the university within a walking distance. Therefore, read this list before you go to the dormitory and if you need to bring something, you should have it ready by the last day. Because those who sell these needs nationwide can double the price. Be sure to consult online dorm search directories before deciding where to live. In this guide, the comments and recommendations of people who have stayed in this dormitory before may change your decision.

Price Factor in Dormitory Selection

Price Factor in Dormitory Selection

There are quite a lot of dormitories in Cyprus, especially near EMU. These dormitories are home to thousands of students every year. Many of our schoolmates and parents initially prioritize accommodation rates over their finances. Its operation, details, continuity, quality, whether the service to be received is known or not, the type and location of the room should be determined and priced according to the whole service to be received. The decision of which dormitory to stay and the prices are usually taken accordingly. Contracts concluded by looking only at the price without knowing the content of the service may cause material and moral damages. Paying for services you do not receive has psychological and financial consequences not only for students but also for their families. It should be ensured that all services received in this regard are clearly recorded in the contract with the dormitory. You should obtain full and clear information on sanctions and how complaints will be resolved if the services specified in the contract are not provided. Faculties generally attach great importance to hygiene rules, but some dormitories may overlook this detail.

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