Early Registration Continues

Early Registration Continues

Second semester registration has begun, with a few rooms left. Secure your spot today!

How can I register to EMU Dormitories?

12 July 2017 - 01:08
How can I register to EMU Dormitories?

Your student won the Eastern Mediterranean University, so where will he stay?

After the exam results are announced, the first question that comes to the minds of almost all families is the accommodation needs of the students. Particularly, it is the best choice for the student to spend their first years in the student dormitories in order to facilitate the adaptation process. While deciding on the dormitory, the student should decide according to the characteristics of the dormitory, the location of the dormitory, service quality and economic situation. It is an advantage for students to choose a dormitory close to their departments and classrooms, especially in their first year.

Students who have won the Eastern Mediterranean University University can examine the university dormitories from the related web page of the department or from the private dormitories' own websites in order to choose their dormitory. You can view the locations of the university dormitories on the interactive campus map on the Eastern Mediterranean University website. After making an examination, it is necessary to contact the dormitory manager by phone and get information about the details.

Alfam Student Dormitories EMU It is the dormitory in the best location of the campus, closest to the classrooms and all the facilities that the students may need. In other words, Alfam Student Dormitories are in the center of the EMU Campus. Alfam Vista Dormitory, which was put into service in 2016 by Alfam, the first Private Dormitory of Famagusta and Eastern Mediterranean University, was awarded the best dormitory project of the year. has received. There are different room options suitable for every budget in Alfam student dormitories. You can view the room pictures and features at www.alfamcyprus.com. Afterwards, you can reach Alfam Officials at any time of the day through social media accounts, mobile applications such as whatsapp, viber or by calling +905488370015. After deciding on the room you will stay in Alfam Student Dormitory, which is the best student dormitory in Famagusta Eastern Mediterranean University, you can confirm your reservation by making a preliminary payment. You can contact the dormitory official to learn the account numbers to be paid and the daily dollar rate. EMU All private dormitories use the American Dollar as their currency. The dollar rate is based on the daily exchange rate of the Central Bank of the TRNC. At Alfam student dormitories, the initial payment fee is 1000 USD for all room types and no deposit is required.

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