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Famagusta Places to Visit

15 August 2022 - 03:08
Famagusta Places to Visit

When we say Northern Cyprus, Famagusta is one of the first districts of Northern Cyprus that comes to mind both in terms of tourism and in terms of life and campus. Famagusta region is a region that is mostly preferred by people in summer seasons and is very rich in terms of sea, coast and historical places. For those who will visit the Famagusta region, we have prepared a detailed travel guide for you in this article.

Ghost Town

The region called ghost town is one of the most preferred regions of Northern Cyprus for holiday purposes. However, due to the events that took place as of 1970, entrances to this resort town were prohibited. However, of course, it has lost its popularity in terms of holiday and has turned into a ghost town on its name. If your travel mentality is to examine the recent history, even though it is forbidden to enter and exit the town, when you come close, you have the opportunity to examine the traces of old buildings and events in the town.

Salamis Ancient City

The Famagusta region, located in Northern Cyprus, is also home to many historical riches. This ancient city, which has a history of about 2000 years, is in front of travel lovers with many structures. People who want to visit this historical ancient city can visit this ancient city by using the minibus, bus or private service vehicles in Famagusta. Within the scope of the visit, ancient tombs, ancient theatre, cisterns, historical statues and columns and still intact house structures will be waiting for you.

Otello Castle

Othello Castle

Another historical building in the Famagusta region is the Othello castle. This building, dating from the time of the Venetians, is a fortress made of high walls, built to prevent and repel any threat from the sea. At the same time, it is in the position of a historical monument with its wall structure and architecture, and it is a point visited by those who love historical trips. People who want to go to Othello castle can take the shuttles from Famagusta or reach this historical place in 15-20 minutes with their own vehicles.

Cyclops Cave

Northern Cyprus is also famous for its underground riches. Cyclops cave, located in the southernmost part of Famagusta, is one of the places that contributes to tourism with its processed and arranged form and is visited by many tourists. At the same time, it is one of the places that satisfies the travel lovers with the visual scenery created by its proximity to the sea and the opportunity to swim.

Namık Kemal Dungeon and Museum

Namık Kemal Dungeon and Museum

Now that we have introduced the historical and geographical structures, let's turn to the field of literature lovers. You can visit the museumized version of the dungeon, which is located in the Famagusta region and where, as the name suggests, the famous poet and writer Namık Kemal was imprisoned for a period. Although its name is the Namık Kemal museum, many famous poets such as Nazım Hikmet also lived in prison here. Access to the museum is very easy. It is located in a location that you can easily reach on foot from the town center.

Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque

It is one of the historical artifacts that have survived as a result of the conversion of a Christian cathedral, which was built when the Byzantines dominated the Northern Cyprus region, into a mosque during the Ottoman period. The difference of this building from other cathedral buildings is that it has a new and modern structure compared to European cathedrals. This mosque, located in the center of Famagusta, also makes the view of the district quite magnificent.

Famagusta Beach

When we say tourism, we also think of undisputed holiday plans. Famagusta district is one of the most preferred coastal regions of the Northern Cyprus region since the past. With its magnificent coast, beautiful piers and hotels, the district serves tourists and locals. In addition, excursion lovers coming to the Famagusta region are waiting for an incredible holiday.

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