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Early Registration Continues

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Famagusta House Prices

14 May 2022 - 09:42
Famagusta House Prices

Today, students generally rent a house and try to spend their student days in this house. However, in some cases, we see that the houses rented by the students are not very good in terms of price and performance, and the students have some difficulties in this regard. Although renting a house seems like a good option for students, both bills and house requirements can force students for various reasons.

Where can I find a flat for rent in Famagusta?

The fact that Cyprus is also a holiday destination and is highly sought after by families in terms of renting a house has increased the prices and naturally the increasing prices have forced the students' budgets. Cyprus house prices may differ according to regions. Especially since the location of the houses near the university is close to the sea, they are both more expensive and may not be provided to students because they are popular with families. Considering all these, students tend to go to state or private dormitories and benefit from the opportunities and prices offered by such dormitories. In this respect, it is possible to say that student dormitories can be a more logical decision compared to renting a house. The reason for this is that the dormitories minimize the student's home responsibilities and consider the pockets of the students in terms of budget.

What are the advantages of staying in a dormitory in Cyprus?

As Alfam student dormitories, we help our students studying in Cyprus in every way. With the service we provide in terms of accommodation, we work by keeping the budget and comfort of our valued students at the forefront. With the experience of being the first private dormitory of Eastern Mediterranean University, we are in the position of being one of the most preferred dormitories by students, with luxury rooms and the comfort we provide.

What are the advantages of staying in a dormitory in Cyprus?


  • First of all, the point that we find very important for students is the issue of cleanliness and hygiene. As Alfam student dormitories, we offer cleaning services in our rooms upon the student's request. In addition, we constantly disinfect and keep the common areas of our dormitory clean.
  • We are aware that access to university is very important for students. Our dormitory is located very close to the university and at the point where transportation vehicles pass. Our students staying in the dormitory can walk from the dormitory to the university whenever they want, and they can easily use the transportation vehicles in cold weather in the winter season.
  • We support our students in terms of technological infrastructure. Our fast internet connection and technological infrastructures such as heating and television in the rooms work very well and are open to the use of students as they wish. At the same time, we provide the same technological service in our common areas and rooms. Students have the right to use the technological tools and equipment in the common areas as they wish.
  • In order for our students to be socially comfortable and engage in activities, we serve our esteemed students with our social facilities and fitness centers in the dormitory buildings. Our students staying in the dormitory are not subject to any extra fees for using the social facilities or our gym, and they can use the social facilities and gymnasium whenever they want.
  • In order for the students not to have any problems with electricity during their studies, activities and socialization, we have our electrical infrastructure regularly maintained, and in case of a power outage, we get rid of the electricity problem of our students instantly with the generator service we provide.
  • We provide 24/7 security service so that our students can live safely in our dormitories and not have any problems at the entrance. In addition, we monitor our dormitories with our 24/7 camera systems in order to prevent student belongings from being lost or stolen and to check for any security gaps.
  • We offer a good service to our esteemed students and employees so that students do not experience problems in the quality of service and can always receive the service they want. Our employees work 24/7 within the framework of dormitory services.
  • Finally, Alfam dormitory prices appeal to very affordable budgets compared to renting a house or other dormitories. As Alfam student dormitories, we are extremely assertive in terms of price and performance.
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