Early Registration Period Begins!

Early Registration Period Begins!

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Famagusta Dormitories and Accommodation

15 July 2017 - 09:52
Famagusta Dormitories and Accommodation

Famagusta is one of the 5 big cities of the TRNC. With the opening of the High Technology Institute, which formed the basis of the DA in 1979, the fate of the city changed. Famagusta, a port and coastal city, is TRNC's first state university, EMU has grown and developed with Eastern Mediterranean University campus; inter with the city It's in a state of being inside. Therefore, Famagusta is also a student city. Commerce, social opportunities and activities in the city are shaped in line with student needs.

In Famagusta, which hosts more than 20000 students, there are many options to meet the accommodation needs of the students. Students can stay in the student dormitories on campus or outside the campus. Especially students who have just started university prefer the student dormitories located on campus. Famagusta EMU campus There are many student dormitories operating in it, including dormitories belonging to the university, dormitories belonging to the credit dormitories institution, and private dormitories. Having so many options allows students to make a choice according to their economic situation and personal preferences. Eastern Mediterranean University campus; The fee per person in double rooms in private dormitories inside varies between 2000 and 4000 USD.

Alfam Student Dormitories EMU campus; It draws attention with its proximity to classrooms and all facilities inside. Having the distinction of being the closest dormitory to the central classrooms and faculties within the campus, Alfam provides service in a wide area, in 6 different blocks. The dormitory, which has 12 different room options, offers accommodation services to students of different economic levels. Drawing attention with its corporate structure, Alfam has been serving for many years with its student-oriented service approach. Alfam Student Dormitories won the Best Dormitory Project of the Year award with its new project Alfam Vista last year.

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