Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early registration period has been started at Alfam student dormitories.

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EMU Student Dormitories

EMU Student Dormitories

Eastern Mediterranean University, the oldest university in Northern Cyprus, is located in Famagusta, a coastal city. Being a campus university, EMU is different from other universities in that it is located right in the center of the city and is intertwined with the city. A large area of ??the campus is reserved for student dormitories. There are university dormitories and private dormitories with different characteristics in the dormitories area.

Alfam Student Dormitories have the best location within the EMU Campus. Located right next to the faculties and classrooms, Alfam Student Dormitories serve in 6 different blocks. With 12 different room options, it appeals to every budget. Alfam student dormitories serve in a corporate structure. Alfam, a Döveç Group business, serves EMU students with its student-oriented service approach and years of experience. Alfam Student Dormitories' new 400-bed dormitory, which was put into service in 2016, received the Alfam Vista "Best Dormitory Project" award. Having the best location and the most options among EMU Student Dormitories, Alfam offers the best service by constantly renewing itself. Alfam Student Dormitories include many businesses that students need intensely. Cafe, restaurant, stationery, fitness center and technology store serve in Alfam Vista dormitory.



A student complex designed with modern lines and state-of-the-art infrastructure

All our rooms have kitchen, wc-bathroom, refrigerator, led tv, satellite system, air conditioning, all furniture and furnishings including the building are new.

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Located in the Eastern Mediterranean University campus, Alfam Student Dormitories, which are closest to the classrooms, are protected by a student-oriented service approach, a closed-circuit camera system and security guards on duty 24 hours a day.

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