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Cyprus Student Dormitories

06 June 2022 - 11:03
Cyprus Student Dormitories

Cyprus is a region that has been researched a lot by those who are considering becoming university students lately. In addition, it has attracted the attention of students in terms of both social life and education with its universities that have made a name for themselves in terms of opportunities and education offered to students. In general, there are certain questions in the minds of university students or students with university goals. Perhaps the most curious of these questions is accommodation. In this article, Cyprus student dormitories and fees, Famagusta student dormitories and fees, etc. We will share the information with you.

Cyprus, with all its cities and regions, provides a very livable environment for students. In addition, students offer opportunities to go to and return to their schools comfortably. In accommodation services, it is aimed that students can adapt to social life, be informed about Cyprus and feel safe.

We have compiled the student dormitories in Cyprus for you, our dear readers;

Nicosia Student Dormitories

We have examined the Nicosia student dormitories for you in line with the features that students prioritize and Cyprus student dormitories and their fees;

Özyüksel Student Dormitory is a student dormitory located in the center of Nicosia, aiming for students to be able to access all kinds of facilities quickly while living, to stay in a clean, safe and quality environment, and to be close to transportation. Its score among dormitories is 3.9 out of 5.

Kıbrıs Öğrenci Yurtları

City Dorm Student Dormitory is a dormitory that prioritizes comfortable accommodation especially for students. 1+0 studio apartments, 24/7 service, TV, internet etc. in the rooms. It is a dormitory that students can choose with its technological infrastructure, clean and comfortable room furniture. Its score among dormitories is 3.9 out of 5.

Regal Student Dormitory, Regal Student Dormitory, located in Nicosia and giving the appearance of a historical building with its external appearance, is an institution that applies the logic of apartment dormitory for students. It is aimed for the students to live comfortably and freely in the home environment. The score among the dormitories is 4.3 out of 5.

Lefke Student Dormitories

We have reviewed some of the student dormitories in Lefke according to Cyprus student dormitories and their prices for you, our dear readers;

Yeşilyurt Student Dormitory is an institution where university students or faculty members studying at the university can stay. Yesilyurt student dormitory is also an institution that has been serving for a long time and is known for its reputation. It is a preferred dormitory in terms of 24/7 reception service, cleanliness, security and comfortable accommodation. Among the dormitories, its score is 4.3 out of 5.

Prime Park Student Dormitory is one of the luxury dormitories where students can stay, close to the European University of Lefke in Lekfe. At the same time, installment payment management is also offered in order to prevent students from having problems in payment. In addition, all the factors that will meet the accommodation needs of the students such as TV, refrigerator, underfloor heating system are combined in the rooms. The score among the dormitories is 4 out of 5.

Gazimağusa Alfam Öğrenci Yurdu

Kyrenia Student Dormitories

We have compiled the student dormitories in Kyrenia, where there are many students, within the framework of Cyprus dormitories and their fees;

Park Palace Residence Student Dormitory is an accommodation environment with a higher capacity compared to other dormitories and has all the facilities for the accommodation of students and faculty members. However, it is also used to host university guests due to its proximity to the University of Kyrenia and its luxury. It has room options such as 1+1 and 2+1 for students. The score among the dormitories is 4 out of 5.

Famagusta Student Dormitories

Alfam student dormitory is one of the most affordable dormitories in Cyprus in terms of dormitories and fees. In addition, it is one of the details visioned by the dormitory that students stay in a comfortable and safe place. Students can stay in the dormitory alone or as a couple. There are high-speed internet and social life environments (fitness hall, basketball court, canteen, internet cafe) in the dormitory. In addition, students are provided with cleaning services twice a week for their rooms. In addition, 24/7 reception service is provided in order to prevent any problems for students.

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