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Eastern Mediterranean University Spring Festivals

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07 May 2022 - 11:15
Eastern Mediterranean University Spring Festivals

It is very important for students to be successful in their social life as well as in their classroom life. In this direction, universities organize many events and activities in order that their students do not get bored in their school life and that they do not have any problems with adapting to the university. Although these activities and activities vary according to the universities and the student portfolio of the university, there are regulations in the general structure of the universities to support the socialization of students.

Eastern Mediterranean University, one of these universities, is a university that attaches great importance to and supports the social life of students. With the congresses it organizes, the social activities and events it organizes, the sports competitions and the concerts, it aims to ensure that the students experience a happy education period throughout their education and that the orientation process to the university is carried out in the best way possible. Eastern Mediterranean University also plans the activities to be organized by prioritizing student requests and continues these activities according to student satisfaction.

If you are considering choosing the Eastern Mediterranean University and social life at the university is a priority for you, you can browse past events organized both on Eastern Mediterranean University's official website and on Eastern Mediterranean University's social media accounts, as well as on shared videos and pictures. You can have fun looking at it.

Social Life at Eastern Mediterranean University

When we say social life in the university, another detail that comes to mind indisputably is campus life. The Eastern Mediterranean University campus is organized in a way that is very suitable for students' social activities, events and festivals.

One of the popular activities organized by Eastern Mediterranean University for the social entertainment of students is the spring festivals. People who have been famous for their songs since the past, come for festivals and give concerts. In addition, a very suitable environment is created for meals, drinks and accommodation, and students are provided with safe and quality festival services. In addition, the events, concerts and activities to be held at the festival are determined and organized entirely according to the opinions of the students.

Eastern Mediterranean University Spring Festivals

Spring festivals are organized within the scope of Eastern Mediterranean University in a period when students are generally comfortable in terms of courses and exams. In general, the festivals held in May are held with high participation and many different events.

As part of the spring festivals, the services and activities provided to students and university staff are as follows;

  • Within the university, the cultural infrastructure of Cyprus is introduced with trips. At the same time, traditional dishes and clothes are offered for sale to students and are highly preferred by students.
  • Student clubs are highly preferred activity areas by university students. For this reason, Eastern Mediterranean University supports and carries out extra activities organized by student clubs within the scope of the festival it organizes. However, students who are not in the clubs can benefit from these activities.
  • There are stage performances for all kinds of music and dance tastes, as well as a large concert venue that the university has left for students to use. When we look at the previous periods, it is possible to say that there were many concerts in the field of rap music and rock music, and it was highly sought after and appreciated by the students.
  • Within the scope of the festival, sports clubs, various competitions, matches, etc. organizes these events and an audience is reached by the students.
  • How do I become a pilot at spring festivals sponsored by airlines? It organizes seminars and students who request it are allowed to be put into a flight simulation.
  • As part of the Spring Festival, events and seminars start at 13:30 and end at 00:00 at night. While the event starts from 13:30 to 17:30 within the framework of seminars and activities organized by student clubs, stage performances start after 17:30 and these shows continue until 00:00 night time.
  • Besides, various nutritional needs of the students are met by the university.

In the spring events, it opens a stand in the dormitories within the university and informs the students about the dormitories. For information about student dormitories "Alfam Student Dormitories Spring Festivals" You can read our article.

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