Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early registration period has been started at Alfam student dormitories.

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Cyprus Famagusta Female & Male Dormitories

Cyprus Famagusta Female & Male Dormitories

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU; Doğu Akdeniz university), located in Northern Cyprus Famagusta, was established in 1979. It was given a spark of life when it had opened to the students, it brought Social-cultural life in to the city, Businesses became successful and the lifestyle had begun to take shape due to the innovation. The student accommodation is indispensable to the University campus. In time as the university campus grows the more the EMU student accommodations have grown with it and have built a lot more EMU and private dormitories for male and female students.

North Cyprus student dormitories are usually in two sections which are categorized as male and female. Alfam student dormitories which are located in the TRNC Famagusta EMU campus are sectioned into male and female dormitories which are in six different blocks and these blocks are sectioned not only into male and female categorized but also sectioned into faculties. You can view the Alfam student dormitories via the eastern Mediterranean university interactive map which you can locate in the link below.

Link: http://ww1.emu.edu.tr/kampusharitasi?design=empty#b85



A student complex designed with modern lines and state-of-the-art infrastructure

All our rooms have kitchen, wc-bathroom, refrigerator, led tv, satellite system, air conditioning, all furniture and furnishings including the building are new.

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Located in the Eastern Mediterranean University campus, Alfam Student Dormitories, which are closest to the classrooms, are protected by a student-oriented service approach, a closed-circuit camera system and security guards on duty 24 hours a day.

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