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Cyprus and Education

12 December 2022 - 11:40
Cyprus and Education

Higher education helps us grow both individually and culturally by providing benefits such as gaining confidence, personal growth and learning to be responsible people. The place of higher education is directly related to all these results. One of the conditions of studying at a Cyprus university is to get a passport first. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey do not need a passport to travel to Cyprus. However, passport entry is one of the conditions of university education in Cyprus. To complete the process within the scope of university education conditions in Cyprus, you must enter the country with your passport and obtain a residence visa from your university's student office.

Cyprus is a popular destination due to its good transport links with Turkey, distance, mild climate, magnificent nature, mobility of social life and many activities. At the same time, some faculties of Turkish universities are also part of the University of Cyprus and offer education of comparable quality to Turkish universities. Most of the students in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are from Turkey. Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK) provides accommodation for students studying in Cyprus.

Cyprus has become a student-friendly country, especially in recent years. However, the positive attitudes of Cypriots towards students make Cyprus a suitable place for education as well. Scholarships awarded to study at a Cyprus university depend on the desired academic year of two or four years, the facilities offered by the university, the desired departments and the research success rate. Cyprus universities and faculties prices are determined according to these conditions. Cyprus, which is developing day by day in terms of all these advantages and educational opportunities, promises its students an excellent and respectable education life. In addition, private and state dormitories are very clean and safe.

Education and Campus Life in Cyprus

Scholarship Opportunities In Cyprus Universities

University grades in Cyprus are determined according to the desired department, the scores obtained in the previous year and the quality of the education offered by the university. The annual trend of Cyprus university grades also fluctuates depending on the Cyprus university ranking. Some of the best university options in Cyprus are Girne A.Ü. , EMU, Near East University, International KU and European University of Lefke. Cyprus is an attractive destination for those interested in nature and history due to its unique nature and unspoiled beaches, its rich geography in terms of archeology, history and culture. However, Cyprus is also a very rich place in terms of hosting many events that you can attend as a student. Students can have unique experiences by participating in university-sponsored activities, using their spare time efficiently, and actively participating in social life as students.

Campus Fun

Universities in Cyprus host a variety of fun events throughout the year. These events include various concert programs, different festivals, historical and cultural excursions, conference invitations, camping activities, exhibitions and sports competitions. All these events organized ensure that all students studying in Cyprus actively participate in social life. At the same time, students can improve themselves in every field and get rid of course fatigue.

More than 90,000 students study in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a university island that attracts international attention. 70 percent of the total students who have the opportunity to do associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees are students who want to come from Turkey. Our profile is made up of local students, but our international students come from around 98 countries. Poor; This is a valuable opportunity for university students who are full of self-confidence and security and are considering studying internationally.

One of the important points to consider when studying in Cyprus is your budget. Accommodation also depends on whether you are staying in a university or private accommodation in Cyprus. All dormitories are within walking distance. Students can rent private and government dormitories on campus or off-campus residences. Housing rents in the country are higher than normal, so the most suitable accommodation is a student dormitory.

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