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Best University in Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean

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15 June 2022 - 11:20
Best University in Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean University is a university established in Cyprus in 1979 to prioritize technology development and to provide education on technology infrastructures. With the beginning of education, it has primarily trained technical experts and engineers, and today it graduates students with good education infrastructure in many departments.

Eastern Mediterranean University is also one of the universities that has been accepted in the international university classification and is one of the most preferred universities today. In addition, it organizes trainings and special events for students in many fields and with different ideas for the development of its students in education and social life.

Today, Eastern Mediterranean University has around 16,000 students. In addition, there are students and academic staff from 35 different countries to improve the infrastructure of students in international fields. Foreign language and international internship opportunities, which are especially important in education, are an opportunity for students studying at Eastern Mediterranean University.

How is the Social Life at Eastern Mediterranean University?

Social life is one of the most desired details by university students or university students. Eastern Mediterranean University develops the social life of students with its large campus and activities for the campus, and also helps students to develop in social areas within the framework of the activities and opportunities it offers. Within the framework of these activities, sports events, student clubs, foreign and domestic travel programs etc. activities exist. At the same time, it is one of the universities that has made a name for itself with the opportunities such as scholarships and accommodation given to students.

How is the Social Life at Eastern Mediterranean University

Another detail that both the university and students care about is education. Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the universities that has made a name for itself in the international arena with the education it provides. There are 12 faculties and 4 higher schools within the scope of EMU. Based on these, it serves its students with 107 undergraduate education and 103 different graduate programs.

If we explain the faculty and the undergraduate education given to you, our esteemed readers;

  • The Faculty of Dentistry provides services to students within the scope of the undergraduate and graduate education in Dentistry. There are 87 different courses in undergraduate education. In addition, the undergraduate education of Dentistry supports the education infrastructure of the students in 30% English and 70% Turkish. In addition, the faculty, which also provides service in the international arena, helps students to prepare for their professional life with applied training.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy has been providing undergraduate pharmacy education to students since 2011. There are 12 semesters within the scope of education. However, within the scope of undergraduate education, ethical rules of the pharmacy profession, high-level pharmacy education in the international arena, adaptation to technological developments in the field of pharmacy, etc. It develops the infrastructure of the student in the fields.
  • The Faculty of Education is a faculty that was established in 1999 by the Eastern Mediterranean University in line with the principles of education and to train good educators. It is a faculty where students who want to receive undergraduate education in any of the fields of education can learn everything about education.
  • The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has an education program that has been going on for 32 years with its numerical and verbal applied training. However, this faculty plays a major role in the application and research department of the university. In this way, the infrastructure of the students is also developed rapidly.
  • The Faculty of Law gave provincial graduates in 2000 and today it continues its undergraduate education process. It has been made a vision to enlighten the students trained in the law faculty in terms of justice and law and to raise individuals who are compatible with the profession.
  • The Faculty of Communication is one of the faculties providing undergraduate education at the university since 1997. In order for students to develop themselves and receive the best education in a practical way, it is aimed that the students have university applications in the direction of radio, television and cinema and develop their infrastructure.
  • The Faculty of Business and Economics has been serving since 1986 with its experienced academic staff and internationally valid education to train rational individuals who can analyze, follow politics, create strategies and organize policies in the international arena.
  • The Faculty of Architecture consists of departments supported by both higher education and undergraduate education within the body of Eastern Mediterranean University. It is aimed that students will be successful and rational individuals in their professional life as a result of getting applied training in the education-teaching process.
  • The Faculty of Engineering is a very well-known faculty in the international arena with its undergraduate departments continuing since the establishment of Eastern Mediterranean University. However, EMU is a university that has trained good engineers in history, both in practice and in the education it provides.
  • The Faculty of Health Sciences is in the position of a faculty where students can choose from all fields of health and receive a good education both practically and normally. There are 13 departments on undergraduate education in the faculty.
  • Faculty of Medicine is one of the faculties that Eastern Mediterranean University has been providing education since 2012. Even though it has not been more than a year since its establishment, it is one of the faculties that has made a name for itself in the international arena with its education and student infrastructure.
  • Tourism faculty is one of the most preferred faculties within the scope of Eastern Mediterranean University. The fact that the Cyprus region is prone to tourism, and that there are many examples in terms of education and practice, also increases the quality of the education given to the students by the faculty.
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