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Early Registration Continues

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Famagusta Student Dormitories

17 january 2023 - 03:48
Famagusta Student Dormitories

Every student wants to study at their dream university. For this, they must continue to live comfortably in a reliable area. While many university students live with their families, many university students have to stay in privately rented houses or dormitories. Staying in a dormitory can be the first distance between you and your family since childhood. You may have stayed in a dormitory for a while, but you will be leaving the city where you have lived for so long for the first time. Choosing a dormitory for university students staying in dormitories is a very challenging process. Because many factors are examined, such as being within walking distance of the school and being affordable in terms of prices. The main reason for this is that families want their children to study in a safe area.

Eastern Mediterranean University Dormitories

There are many students going to EMU. Students who won one of the EMU faculties in Cyprus to study started to search for houses and dormitories within walking distance. Students who want to find a place in one of the affordable and quality dormitories especially try to solve the distance problem. Of course, this has led to competition among private dormitories. Regardless of the faculties and departments, it is very important for university students that the dormitories and houses are close to EMU.

Famagusta Student Rental House

Families and students who could not find a dormitory within walking distance of EMU had to go after the apartments serving as student rental houses in Famagusta as a last resort. The houses put up for rent to be used as student houses in Famagusta are in high demand.

Famagusta Student Dormitories

The dormitories in the Famagusta region have exactly the dormitory distance that families and students seek. For this reason, many families want to find a vacancy in one of the Famagusta student dormitories. For this reason, many dormitories are constantly trying to improve themselves. However, the fact that there are many students who qualify to go to EMU causes the dormitories to not be sufficient.

What are the Dormitory Prices in Cyprus?

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which attracts attention with its education community as well as tourism and nature paradise, is the dream of many students; It also attracts attention with its student dormitory prices. It would be more accurate to say that the prices of student dormitories that serve other than state dormitories start from 8.000 TL. Of course, it has been seen that dormitory rooms are rented at prices starting from 2.000 TL in the dormitory market. However, the recent increase in costs in every sector has unfortunately also affected EMU private dormitories.

Where are Private Student Dormitories Connected?

Alfam Dormitory

The TRNC meets the needs of students with more than 15 dormitories so far. However, they may prefer private dormitories for various reasons. Especially the dormitories that are within walking distance. For this reason, there are many private dormitories located around EMU. Of course, each of these private dormitories is inspected by the TRNC State. Because student dormitories are opened and serve within the framework of certain rules. If families and students have found a private dormitory within walking distance of EMU, the private dormitories are; There is no need for them to worry that the TRNC is under State surveillance.

How many square meters are the Student Dormitories?

Private dormitory rooms in our country cannot fall below 12 m2. According to the TRNC private dormitories directive, there is no clear information about the m2 information. However, in our country, private dormitories cannot operate as rooms under 12 m2.

Is there Eastern Mediterranean University State Dormitory?

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are more than 10 state dormitories in the TRNC state. The state dormitories in question are the ones with a large scope and high capacity. Therefore, EMU winners can easily find dormitories. Students who only want to be closer to faculties can of course also prefer private dormitories. To get comprehensive information about TRNC private and state dormitories, you can contact EMU and TRNC Dormitory Management now.

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