Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early registration period has been started at Alfam student dormitories.

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What are the EMU Dormitory Prices?

What are the EMU Dormitory Prices?

Eastern Mediterranean University is the first state university of the TRNC. DAÜ It is located in the city center of Famagusta. There are many dormitories at the university, which has the most beautiful campus on the island. University dormitories and private dormitories affiliated with the university serve students. Östudents generally prefer to stay in the dormitory in the first years. Of course, one of the most curious questions for new students is DAÜ What are the Dormitory Prices?

Accommodation Expenses at the Eastern Mediterranean University

Prices in student dormitories in Famagusta vary depending on the location, size and service provided. In addition to the dormitory price, some student dormitories require a deposit. Since there are many dormitory options, it is possible for students to find dormitories suitable for their budget. Students should decide on their budget range and room type preferences before choosing a dormitory. Private dormitories in DA have single and double room options. The roommates of the students who will stay in double rooms can be matched by the dormitory according to their demographic information, as well as the student can choose his roommate himself. In private dormitories, meals are not included in the prices. "Students can meet their food needs from restaurants in the surrounding area, or they can prepare their own meals in their rooms or in the common kitchen areas.

EMU Dormitory Fees

Alfam Student Dormitories are in the best location of Eastern Mediterranean ÜUniversity and it is the closest dormitory to the classrooms. Located in the center of the campus, Alfam serves students with 12 equal single and double room types in 6 different blocks. Due to having different room types, Alfam Student Dormitories appeal to all sizes. In Alfam Student Dormitories, single room prices start from 3300 USD, while per person accommodation in a double room starts from 1900 USD. Other room types and DAÜ For detailed information on How Much Dormitory Prices are, you can call the registration hotline at +905488370015 or send a message. Alfam Student Dormitories is the first private dormitory of DA where you can find the most suitable option for you in the best location.



A student complex designed with modern lines and state-of-the-art infrastructure

All our rooms have kitchen, wc-bathroom, refrigerator, led tv, satellite system, air conditioning, all furniture and furnishings including the building are new.

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