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What are the EMU dormitory prices?

06 February 2023 - 01:38
What are the EMU dormitory prices?

One of the top universities in the area, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), which is situated in Northern Cyprus, draws students from all over the world. The EMU dorm and private dorms are popular choices for students who want to live on or near campus and are an integral part of student life. In this article, we'll examine the costs associated with private and EMU dormitories as well as the well-known Alfam Dormitory.

EMU Dormitory Prices

EMU dormitory is a contemporary, well-equipped, and safe structure that is situated on campus, making it a practical choice for students. The cost of the EMU 2 dorm varies according to the kind of room and the length of stay. The cost of a single room in the EMU 2 dorm, which includes all utility charges like power, water, and internet, is roughly 20,160 TL every semester. Although a double room costs more, at roughly 10,440 TL each semester, it gives students a private space and extras. However, the pricing for a special double room is significantly more at 11,340 TL. 8,280 TL is the cost for a triple. Four installments are available.

Private Dormitories in EMU

Alfam Vista

In addition to the EMU dorm, there are a number of private dorms close by the university that give students an alternative to lodging that is managed by the institution. These dorms offer a more individualized living experience, at affordable pricing, and with a wide range of amenities. Alfam Dormitory is one of the most well-known private residences near Eastern Michigan University. Alfam is a cutting-edge, well-equipped, and safe structure that offers students cozy living quarters. The dorm is a convenient option for students because it is situated in the heart of the campus. The Alfam Dormitory is renowned for its first-rate amenities, practical location, affordable rates, and variety of alternatives among its six blocks. A double room at Alfam Vista costs about 1,600 dollars per semester, whereas a double room in block A costs 1,100 dollars. The cost of a double room in Block B is $990 a semester. B block single rooms are 1,380 USD per semester. Each semester, a double room in C block costs $1,050 USD. In C block, a single room costs $1,320 USD per semester. A studio has a semester cost of $1,490 USD. All utility costs, including those for power, water, and internet, are included in the price of every kind of room. Washing and drying machines, table tennis, communal kitchens, and other amenities are available in every block. You can reach alfam Dormitory at this number: +90 548 880 15 for more details.

In conclusion, students who want to live on or near the Eastern Mediterranean University campus should consider the Alfam Dormitory, private housing, and the EMU dormitory. Students are recommended to investigate their alternatives and compare rates and amenities to select the best choice for their particular needs. The costs for these dorms vary depending on the room type and length of time. Whatever option they select, students can count on a cozy, safe, and practical living environment.

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