Early Registration Continues

Early Registration Continues

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What are Northern Cyprus Dormitory Prices?

30 january 2023 - 10:23
What are Northern Cyprus Dormitory Prices?

Students who won EMU in the 2022-2023 semester are trying to solve the housing problem, just like the students in other semesters. EMU, which is among the few universities in the TRNC country, is preferred by many students. Students who are entitled to attend EMU try to meet their accommodation needs with rental houses and dormitories. The intense interest in the TRNC State and the increase in the dollar caused an increase in rental house prices and private dormitory prices. Therefore, families began to search for dormitory prices in order to meet their children's accommodation needs during their education. Of course, the fact that dormitory buildings within walking distance are more popular has been a guide for dormitory prices. Although the TRNC State dormitories are quite comprehensive in terms of bed capacity, some students want to live in private dormitories and rental houses. It was inevitable that private dormitories operating around EMU would be subject to research on prices. According to the data obtained in this respect, it has been determined that as of the end of 2022, high rates of 70 percent have been made. Therefore, it can be said that private dormitories located around EMU, especially in Famagusta, have increased their prices considerably. Especially with the entry of 2023, the increase in the prices of products and services in almost every sector in the world has also affected the education and training life. It would not be an exaggerated number to say that students who win EMU need a minimum of 8,000 TL per month.

Where are Private Student Dormitories Connected?

As in every state, private dormitories as well as state student dormitories operate under state control. In other words, dormitories in the TRNC State are subject to inspection and control, whether state or private, just like in our country. It is unthinkable that a university like EMU, which is highly preferred in terms of education, does not have accommodation conditions. Although private dormitories seem expensive, they cannot be as expensive as student houses.

How many square meters are the Student Dormitories?

Alfam Dormitory

All dormitories, especially the state dormitories in the TRNC, have a very comprehensive design. Student dormitory buildings, which are designed to contribute to both the development of students and the development of their social relations; It is designed in accordance with world standards. In our country, there was a directive that the rooms in student dormitories should not be less than 12 square meters. However, this does not apply to TRNC State dormitories and private dormitories. Student dormitories located around EMU are designed in a way that is the dream of every student. Of course, the importance of EMU and its worldwide recognition have a huge impact here. In summary, students who win EMU will not be disappointed in both public and private dormitories.

Is there Eastern Mediterranean University State Dormitory?

Since EMU is in question, we think that it is not necessary to explain how advanced and comprehensive the state dormitory buildings are. Because Eastern Mediterranean University, which is among the few universities, is seen to be among the exemplary universities in terms of both geographical location and education, and it is seen that State dormitories have made progress. Supporting students with more than 15 state dormitories, the TRNC tried to create the necessary welfare environment for students to continue their education and training in prosperity. In this context, it would be more appropriate to prefer TRNC State dormitories instead of paying high sums to private dormitories.  If you want to learn about TRNC state dormitories, you can now follow the announcements on the EMU official website.

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