Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early Registration Period Has Been Started!

Early registration period has been started at Alfam student dormitories.

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Eastern Mediterranean University Student Dormitories

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Eastern Mediterranean University Student Dormitories

Eastern Mediterranean University students have the opportunity to choose among many accommodation options with different features and appealing to different budgets. Eastern Mediterranean University Campus integrated with the city of Famagusta; There are many student hostels in it. EMU Dormitories, KYK Dormitories and private dormitories serve on campus. EMU Student Dormitories belonging to the university offer 1,2,3 and 4-person room options. Students who want to stay in KYK dormitories should apply directly via e-government (https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/kyk-yurt-basvurusu). EMU campus You can use the university's website about student dormitories, the catalogs or the websites of the private dormitories.

Students who won the Eastern Mediterranean University should pay particular attention to the room properties, the location of the dormitory, the social facilities it has, its proximity to the businesses where they can meet the primary needs of the dormitory, and the annual fee when choosing a dormitory. . Dormitory locations EMU You can check the interactive campus map (https://ww1.emu.edu.tr/kampusharitasi). It will be useful. In order to enroll in Private Dormitories at Eastern Mediterranean University, you need to send the amount of payment to the dormitory's account. You can get the dormitory account numbers from the EMU's website or from the dormitory authorities.

EMU As can be easily seen from the campus map, the dormitory with the best location in the Eastern Mediterranean University is Alfam Student Dormitories. Last Year's Best Dormitory Project Award Alfam Student Dormitories, which are located in Istanbul, come to the fore with the opportunities they offer to students. The presence of businesses such as a 800 m2 fitness center, restaurant, market, cafe and stationery just below the dormitory allows students to meet their primary needs without wasting time. Alfam student dormitories provide services to their students in 6 different blocks, right next to the faculties. Appealing to different budgets with 12 different room options, Alfam offers students different options to choose from. Dormitory fees vary between 2000 and 3800 USD per person in double rooms, and between 3300 and 6500 USD in single rooms. Prices vary depending on room features, room size, building age and room inventories. For detailed information, you can reach Alfam Student Dormitories Officials by calling +905488370015 at any hour of the day or by using communication tools such as whatsapp, viber, telegram on the same number. You can also send a message from the official facebook account of Alfam Student Dormitories (https://www.facebook.com/alfam.dormitories).



A student complex designed with modern lines and state-of-the-art infrastructure

All our rooms have kitchen, wc-bathroom, refrigerator, led tv, satellite system, air conditioning, all furniture and furnishings including the building are new.

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Located in the Eastern Mediterranean University campus, Alfam Student Dormitories, which are closest to the classrooms, are protected by a student-oriented service approach, a closed-circuit camera system and security guards on duty 24 hours a day.

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